Focus and Scope

ENDLESS: Journal of Futures Studies is a globally-oriented, trans-disciplinary refereed journal.
Its mission is to develop high-quality, future-oriented research and thinking, based on the evolving knowledge base of Futures Studies / Foresight.


The Journal’s approach is:
– Trans-disciplinary
– Epistemologically diverse, seeking articles from empirical, interpretative, critical, and action learning research traditions, and; – Multi-methods based, including, for example, methods such as emerging issues analysis, scenario and alternative futures development and analysis, age-cohort analysis, causal layered analysis, visioning and backcasting;


As well as refereed articles, the Journal publishes essays, book reviews, symposia and art on the following topics:
– Epistemologically focused futures studies on the construction of possible, probable and preferable futures;
– Methodological innovation in futures studies, including not only integrated, layered, and critical approaches, but also empirical, interpretive or action-learning based approaches;
– Applied Futures (for example, case studies in using and practicing futures thinking for organizational change, development and transformation);
– Alternative futures on a variety of subjects (see topic categories below).

The journal is published by the Institute of Futures Studies, Global Writing Academica Research and Publishing.